DIY: Gamecube Controllers (Super Mario Bros/Legend of Zelda)

For my birthday, which was a few months ago, I received two hand-made GameCube controllers from my boyfriend. They were Mario and Link themed (Anything that involves Mario or Link is automatically my favourite thing ever) so I instantly fell in love with these controllers. They are made really well, were extremely affordable to make, and mostly - THEY WORK!!!

Brief instructions on how my boyfriend created them:
1) Buy plain, normal GameCube controllers (I recommend eBay as you can get controllers for a reasonable price from there)
2) Take them apart to separate the components
3) Put a base coat on
4) Paint them in a few coats of whatever colours you want
5) Create template of design
6) Add primer to them
7) Put back together

And behold, the greatest GameCube controllers in all of mankind. They are fully functional, meaning that you can connect them up to the GameCube and play with them, the buttons all work, and they feel comfortable in your hands when using them. They are officially the greatest present I've ever received (sorry, dad, although I did love the toothbrush you got me for Christmas...) and they were much cheaper than buying me some game-themed controllers, which can be VERY pricey... I'm talking hundreds of pounds (£).

Thanks to my boyfriend for making them and thanks to you for reading this!
Have a lovely day:)



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