Lush 'Ickle Baby Bot' (Bath Ballistic) / Review

"Fill the bath with water, get in and release this Ickle ballistic into the water to let him do his sleep inducing work."

Yeah yeah, I know... this bath bomb was designed for babies. But that doesn't mean a 17 year old can't use it too, right?!

In its solid form, the overall smell of this particular bath bomb was quite subtle. It was difficult to describe exactly what the bath bomb smelt like, however I did detect a small lavender scent. Despite it being subtle, it did smell really lovely and the fact that the lavender scent was small meant that even people who dislike lavender scents could still enjoy the bath bomb because the smell wasn't too strong.

I was impressed when I placed this bath bomb into the water. Immediately, it exploded (which is what a bath bomb is meant to do) but the most strongest smell came out of it. However, it didn't smell like lavender anymore. Personally, I smelt quite a strong, musky scent. I was surprised at the strength of the smell that came out of Ickle Baby Bot when he was placed into the water, considering his scent was really subtle before. Although the smell was fairly musky, I did enjoy it and it was really relaxing - perfect for if you're going straight to bed after the bath! Also, the bath bomb turned the water a baby blue colour when dropped into the bath, which wasn't much of a difference to the water's original colour.

This bath bomb was very moisturizing to my skin and made it all lovely and soft when I got out of the bath. However, my skin didn't smell of much when I got out of the bath, which is different to some other bath bombs from Lush which add a nice smell to your skin throughout the day/night.

Ickle Baby Bot cost £1.95, which was extremely cheap and was one of the most affordable items from Lush! I probably wouldn't purchase this bath bomb again though as it was designed for babies and the scent wasn't anything special. However, it wasn't bad for its price! 

In conclusion, I would recommend Ickle Baby Bot if you have children that you would like to relax before bed, or if you would like to relax yourself before bed. However, if you prefer sweet strong-smelling bath bombs, then you probably wouldn't be pleased with this one.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!:)



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