Lush 'Tisty Tosty' (Bath Ballistic) / Review

"This ballistic is a love spell. Fill the bath, get in, hold the ballistic in your hands whilst contemplating your chosen one, lower into the water to unleash its powerful magic. Watch the seven rosebuds emerge from the swirling potion and count your way to a budding romance."

During my most recent visit to Lush, I noticed that they had stocked a bath bomb that I hadn't tried before. It was a new product created by Lush and I was really excited, I just HAD to get my boyfriend to buy it for me. The bath bomb was named Tisty Tosty and was formed in the shape of a love heart. Very romantic!

The smell was mainly floral scented (due to the rosebuds placed inside the bath bomb) but had a hint of lemon hidden in there somewhere. It was quite sweet and very relaxing, it was a really pleasant smell. It wasn't too strong and it wasn't too subtle therefore, personally, I thought it had the perfect amount of rose scent.

Once placed into the bath, the water turned a white-ish colour (the colour of the bath bomb itself) and the rosebuds exploded out of it, floating to the surface of the bath. I really liked the idea of having the roses inside the bath bomb because it makes the bath bomb unique from the others that Lush sell. Each individual Lush bath bomb is different, whether its because of their colours or their designs. For Tisty Tosty, it's because of it's shape and it's rosebuds. 

This bath bomb was extremely moisturizing to my skin and made it feel really soft and delicate when I got out of the bath. Also, to add to the bath bomb's effects to my skin, it made me smell of a really delicious rose scent and I could still smell it on my skin the next day. Although the scent was extremely subtle on my skin, it was still nice to get an odd whiff of it every now and again throughout the day.

Tisty Tosty cost £3.25, which wasn't a bad price considering some products from Lush can be quite pricey. I would possibly buy this again in the future due to the really lovely smell or if I'm in a romantic mood.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of subtle, sweet, floral and rose scents or are very passionate about romance, I would recommend this bath bomb. However, if you're into crazier bath bombs which turn the water into funky colours and smell really strong, this may not be the bath bomb for you.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and I'll be back soon with another Lush review!



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