The Fault In Our Stars (John Green) / Review

Hello everyone! So, how has your day been?

Mine? Well, today I went to see The Fault In Our Stars for the second time since it came out in cinemas and let's just say that it was lucky I brought a packet of tissues with me!

The Fault In Our Stars is a novel (written by John Green) which has now been made into a movie and in my opinion - both the movie and the book are incredible! Both display themes of cancer and romance in a detailed way which can really make the audience connect with the characters, which was why I cried my eyes out!

The first time I went to see it (about 2 weeks ago) my best friend and I cried so much, it was insane. And the second time I went to see it (today) I cried again and even my boyfriend cried! Can you believe it?! He actually cried at a romantic movie!

TFIOS is emotional, entertaining and just overall brilliant. John Green had a huge part in the making of the movie adaptation, which is probably why it was incredible, and the actors were insanely talented. Everything was portrayed perfectly and, as much as I hate to use internet terms, it gave me feels!

Oh, the feels... 

I've had such a lovely day today. After watching TFIOS, my boyfriend and I went to do a little bit of shopping so I went into Lush, New Look, and Boots. My boyfriend bought me two bath bombs from Lush even though I insisted on paying (he's such a cutie!) and I might do a blog post review once I've used my bath bombs. In New Look, I browsed through their new summer collection and would've bought the whole shop if I had enough money. The temptation to buy everything was ridiculous, but I had enough power inside of me to not buy anything. I'm so proud of myself. Finally, in Boots, I purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent because my current one had hit the pan (it was almost empty)! I may also do a blog post review on that too, as it is my favourite powder EVER.

That's all I wanted to say for this blog, thank you for reading and I hope you've had a wonderful day!



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