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Hello, everyone! Sorry that it's been a little while (like 2 weeks?) since I last made a blog post, but I'm back now with another review of something slightly different to my previous reviews (Lush Bath Bombs).

Yesterday, I went to the monthly Farmer's Market which occurs in a quiet area nearby my town and I immediately went to my absolute favourite stall there - Harper's Bizarre!
Harper's Bizarre sell homemade candles, but in extraordinary scents. For example, they have scents ranging from "Raindrops On Roses" to "Snuggly Blanket" to "Jam Tart". They have so many flavours which actually smell exactly like the name of the candle scent. Harper's Bizarre is currently one of my favourite brands and I own three of their candles which I have collected in the last 3 months: "Green Grass", "Bitter Grapefruit" and "Key Lime Pie".

"Green Grass" is the candle which made me fall in love with Harper's for the first time. If you weren't aware, my absolute favourite smell of all time is freshly cut grass. Grass once it's been cut immediately makes me happy because it just smells way too good! So when I first heard that Harper's had created a candle which smells like cut grass, I HAD to get it! And let me tell you... buying this candle was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Fo' realz. It smells like freshly cut grass but a lot sweeter, making it really pleasant for my nose to take in. I'm just so pleased with this candle and I paid around £8.00 for it, which is an extremely cheap price for a candle of this quality!

The next candle I bought when I visited the stall for the second time was "Bitter Grapefruit". My boyfriend and I spent literally 30 minutes going through all the candles at the stall and sniffing each one before finally deciding on this one as it was my boyfriend's favourite. To be honest, I think I like this scent more than "Green Grass", and that's saying a lot! "Bitter Grapefruit" is a fruity smell without the strong sweetness that sometimes fruit can give off. It's difficult to describe this smell other than the fact that it is definitely a relaxing evening smell! I always lit this before I went to sleep when I would read for about 30 minutes to 1 hour and my room smelt so incredible by the time I fell asleep, it was bliss. I paid £5.00 for this candle as it was one of Harper's experiments to see if the scent would be popular amongst their customers.

The candle I bought yesterday (or, rather, my boyfriend bought for me) was "Key Lime Pie". We bought this because I am in love with key lime pie, it is such a delicious dessert. I cannot even begin to explain how much this candle smells EXACTLY like key lime pie. It's insane! I have no idea how they made it smell like that but that's a talent. I am very impressed with the scent of this candle and I am so happy I have it. My room literally smells like a key lime pie dessert now when you walk into it. My boyfriend paid £5.00 for this candle, like the "Bitter Grapefruit" one.

In conclusion, I admire Harper's Bizarre and will definitely be purchasing from them in the future. The quality of their candles is extremely high, the prices are extremely low, and the scents are extremely unusual. Well done, Harper's, you've managed to take my money again...

If you want more information on Harper's Bizarre or would possibly want to order from them, search for them on Facebook (Harper's Bizarre) or visit their website:



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