Trip to Scotland / 2014

Hello everybody! Sorry for my delay on making blog posts, I recently just came back from a family holiday to Scotland and things have been pretty busy for me since then that it has resulted in me neglecting my blog for a while. Oops! But I'm back now after that short break and will try to upload at least once a week if necessary:)

I left for my trip to Scotland on 8th August and came back on 15th August (exactly one week) and have decided to inform you on what I did during my trip in case you were interested.

Friday (8th August):
As my family and I were travelling up to Scotland, we decided to drop by and visit Brougham Castle first, which was actually really lovely. It featured a cute little lake/river running alongside the castle with a small bridge going across it, and there were some lovely husky dogs running around and playing in the water. It was so cute! The castle itself was better inside than it looked on the outside and I was really impressed by it.

Brougham Castle
Saturday (9th August):
On this day, we went to Threave Castle. This day was one of my favourite days because everything about it was perfect. We had to travel in a rowing boat across a lake to access the castle, and the castle itself was extremely fascinating. Not only did we visit the castle, but we also went to the Osprey Viewing Platform where we managed to see an osprey for the first and probably only time ever! (Ospreys are very rare birds by the way). It was such a beautiful creature, and we also saw its nest which was massive! After that we went on a country/wildlife walk which was a lovely end to our day.

Threave Castle
Sunday (10th August):
On this day, it was extremely rainy and miserable weather so we mostly stayed inside and watched movies all day. However, we did go out for a short time to visit John Paul Jones' (an American pirate) cottage, which was pretty cool, and we met 4 pugs and a Jack Russell there that I instantly fell in love with! (How can an animal be so cute?!)

Monday (11th August):
This was a busy day. We went to Lanercost Priory, Hadrian's Wall and Carlisle Castle. This day was VERY windy, to the point where I literally felt like I was going to be swept off my feet. Lanercost Priory was very lovely though, it was extremely peaceful and deserted which was comforting. There was also a cute little church next to it where we lit candles for my dad's best friend, John Valentine (died September 2003), who died in the same war my dad fought in. May he rest in peace.

Lanercost Priory
Hadrian's Wall was very interesting to visit. We only stayed there for 5 minutes but there is so much history to it and it runs across the whole of Scotland's ancient border. It was really cool to actually stand on a part of something so important. The scenery and views from Hadrian's Wall were so beautiful too.

Finally, Carlisle Castle was quite a big castle and I really enjoyed going. Even though it started raining at this point (typical Scottish weather!) it was still incredible to go there. Sadly, I didn't manage to get any pictures of how beautiful this castle was.

Tuesday (12th August):
On Tuesday, we went to the Artist's village of Kirkcudbright and we visited MacLellan's Castle and Dundrennan Abbey. Kirkcudbright is an absolutely GORGEOUS village and I loved it there so much, it was absolutely beautiful! As for MacLellan's castle, it was quite small but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. After that, we went to Dundrennan Abbey where we listened to a lonely old man talk to us about architecture in historic times for about 2 hours. Such fun... 

MacLellan's Castle
Dundrennan Abbey
Wednesday (13th August):
This was my favourite day of my holiday. My family and I went back to the lovely village of Kirkcudbright because we loved it so much and visited Orchardton Tower. We only stayed here for 15 minutes and it was recommended to us by the old man at Dundrennan Abbey yesterday. Orchardton Tower was a small, abandoned tower which allowed us to climb right to the top of it and have a look at all the scenery around it. It was a great start to the day.

After that, we went to Broughton House & Gardens, which my mum really wanted to see. It was the house that a famous artisit called E.A Hornel lived in when he was alive. The house was really grand and posh and we got to see some of the original artwork he created, including the ones he started but never finished before his death. His artwork was absolutely beautiful and I had never seen anything like it before. The gardens were bigger than the house itself and were gorgeous! So many pretty flowers and lawns and summer houses, and at the end of it was an INCREDIBLE view of the sea.

Thursday (14th August):
On this day we went to Caerlaverock Castle and Sweetheart Abbey. Caerlaverock Castle is the only remaining triangular-shaped castle in the UK, so this was really fascinating. We had a wonderful time there  and took lots of pictures because there was so much of it to see. Then we went to Sweetheart Abbey which had really romantic history as it was built by a woman for her dead husband. The abbey was extremely impressive and the structure of it was so delicate and had a similar format to Rievaulx Abbey (which I have also visited before in the past). 

Caerlaverock Castle
Sweetheart Abbey
Friday (15th August):
Finally, we traveled back home on this day. However, we stopped off at Penrith Castle on the way home. There's not a lot to Penrith and it is extremely small, but it has a lovely park behind it where we ate lunch at a cute little cafe. The food there was DELICIOUS.

Penrith Castle
So there's the overview of my trip to Scotland! Apologies if this was a bit too long for your taste, I tried to keep this as short and tidy as possible. Also, if you weren't aware, my family and I are history-hunters, meaning that each year we travel to at least two different areas in the UK and visit all of the historic sites there. This year we went to Hartlepool and Scotland, last year we went to Cornwall and Northumberland, the year before that we went to Wales, etc. We have almost visited every historic site in the country which is why next year, we are only going to one place.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'll be back to my normal routine eventually:)



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