Lush 'Butterbear' (Bath Ballistic) / Review

"A creamy vanilla-scented bath bomb with cocoa butter to soften the skin. Drop into the bath for a bear hug."

This little bath bomb was too cute not to buy! He's an adorable little bear that is suitable for all sexes and all ages, making this a very diverse bath bomb. However, despite how cute and affordable he was (only £1.95!), what really drew my attention to him was his smell. I could smell him a mile away! (not literally...)

Butterbear smells DELICIOUS. His scent consists of vanilla and cocoa butter-type fragrances, so really relaxing and sweet. This scent is extremely strong, but is such a pleasurable scent. I think Butterbear must be one of the nicest smelling bath bombs. If you like vanilla, or even if you don't, give him a quick whiff when you're next passing by Lush. Butterbear smells too delicious.

When dropped into the bath, Butterbear does not release much colour, just white/cream. However, he also releases small chunks of cocoa butter (which you can sort of see in the picture scattered around his head). The cocoa butter that's released is THE MOST MOISTURISING THING EVER. I was so pleased as soon as I got into the bath, it was as soft as silk. Cocoa butter is known for making your skin soft, so this bath bomb impressed me a lot. When I got out of the bath, my skin was so smooth and soft and smelt delicious, like vanilla! (TOP TIP: I heard that boys are attracted to the scent of vanilla. Go wild, ladies!)
It's been almost 2 days since I used Butterbear and my skin is still soft and still smells quite nice, so that impressed me also!

One teensy tiny problem with this bath bomb is that it fizzed out really quickly in the bath. It felt like I put Butterbear in the bath and then a couple of seconds later, he was gone! That's how quickly he fizzed out. However, this is probably because of his size (he is very small, similar to the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb), but he still managed to make the full bath feel really silky and moisturising. 

This bath bomb was extremely affordable (£1.95) and is one of the most inexpensive bath bombs Lush offer. Considering the price, it is an extremely good bath bomb of excellent quality. If you're on a budget and just want a cheap bath bomb of really good quality that will do great things for your skin, I highly recommend Butterbear. He was an excellent purchase and I will definitely buy him again in the future if I just want a cute pick-me-up for a really cheap price :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Stay tuned for more (Halloween-y) blog posts soon!



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