Birthday Trip to London!

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to do this blog post for a while but, with exams stressing me out like crazy, I haven't had the time to concentrate on my blog. However, I only have one exam left which I'm feeling prepared for, so it's time to finally do this blog post.

For my 18th birthday, my boyfriend bought me my first ever trip to London with him. I was over the moon when I found this out because London is a place that I've always wanted to visit but never got the chance. So on the 23rd and 24th of May, I spent the weekend in London with my boyfriend.

On the Saturday, we dedicated this day to our shopping. We went down Oxford Street and looked in loads of shops down there, and then got the tube to Harrods. I spent so much money on this day that it makes me want to cry when looking at my bank balance, but since someone requested, I do plan to do a haul on everything I bought from London on my YouTube channel! (

When we arrived back at the hotel in the evening, my boyfriend and I decided to look around the town that we were staying in, which was about half an hour out of London. The town was so cute and quiet, and we had a nice meal in the local Wetherspoons pub. We'd both made an effort to look nice, so I wore my new dress I'd bought that day from Selfridges and my boyfriend wore his new t-shirt he'd gotten from Urban Outfitters. This was such a perfect evening, and the food was just awesome! When we got back, we were so tired as we'd been awake since 4am and it was now 9pm. So we decided to make hot chocolates which the hotel had kindly given us, snuggled up together and watched Eurovision until we fell asleep. My first day in London had been perfect.

However, the next day was even better! On the Sunday, we dedicated this day to being tourists. We found some people from the hotel and went to Buckingham Palace with them, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We then walked all the way to Big Ben, and then walked on Westminster Bridge to arrive at the London Eye. I was overwhelmed at how beautiful London looked. My boyfriend and I also stopped off at a sushi restaurant called YoSushi where I had my first ever sushi meal. I was in awe of the conveyer belt where you could just pick your meals off, this was such a cool concept. And the sushi tasted incredible, it was definitely the best meal I could've had in London. I have some pictures of the sushi on my Instagram (bunnydiver1997) if you care that much. After that, we then walked back to the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and then went for a cute walk in Hyde Park. Then we went home. Here are some of the pictures we took from the day:

I recorded the Sunday that we spent in London, so if you would like to literally see how my boyfriend and I spent our time in London, then feel free to check out the video below:

This trip was one of the best weekends of my entire life and I feel so lucky that I got to experience it with my boyfriend. We both had an amazing time, and I'm so thankful and appreciative that he got me this for my 18th birthday. I told him I wanted experiences, not presents. So he brought me the best experience of my life.

I'm sorry this blog post is super long! I tend to ramble about things I'm passionate about. I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope you enjoyed the video, if you've watched it. I'll be back soon with more blog posts, so keep up to date as I have plenty planned for this summer. 

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!



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