MAC Cremesheen Lipstick "Creme Cup" REVIEW

Recently, when I spent the weekend in London with my boyfriend, I purchased my first ever MAC lipstick from Selfridges. MAC is an extremely popular brand so I'm sure you've most probably heard of it. I purchased the lipstick on the 23rd of May and it is now the 19th of June, so I have had much time to experience this lipstick and give my accurate review of it. I hope this is useful to you :)

Shade - Firstly, the shade I picked out ("Creme Cup") is bloody gorgeous! It's a beautiful light, nude pink colour which looks so pretty on the lips. It looks a teensy bit shiny; it's definitely not a matte shade. But I love it because this shade is beautiful and it compliments my lips nicely.

Formulation - The formulation of cremesheen lipsticks are very moisturising, which is exactly what this lipstick is. It moisturises my lips, makes them extremely soft, and just makes them feel great. I currently have quite chapped and damaged lips, therefore applying lipstick to them is quite difficult. However, this lipstick goes on my lips nicely, softens them and makes them look nice.

Staying Power - This lipstick stays on for quite a long time. I wasn't overwhelmed by how long this lipstick stays on, but it is fairly difficult to tell with a lipstick as light a shade as this. This lipstick copes well when drinking and eating, but will come off if you kiss someone or wipe your hand on your lips. I am pleased with the staying power of this lipstick and I usually only have to reapply once a day, around 6 hours after I first applied it.

Cost - Not gonna lie, MAC products are quite pricey for a student like myself. This lipstick cost £15.50, but I was willing to pay that as I wanted to treat myself and, come on, every girl needs a MAC lipstick! Obviously, I will not be buying these lipsticks on a weekly basis, like I do with the £5 Rimmel ones, but every few months I plan to treat myself to a new MAC lipstick.

Overall - I am extremely pleased with this lipstick. I love the shade, taste, feel of it. I'm in love with the creamy formulation and I adore the pinky shade (pinks tend to look the best on my lips). In conclusion, this lipstick is incredible and I would strongly recommend that you purchase a MAC lipstick if you are considering whether or not to do so. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and please let me know of any other products you think I should try and review! I'll be back with more blog posts soon, have a wonderful day.



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