New Year's Resolutions / 6 MONTH PROGRESS

Hello everybody! Today, I wanted to do a blog post on how my new year's resolutions that I set myself for 2015 are going. Basically, on my YouTube channel (bunnydiver1997), I uploaded a video in January about what my new year's resolutions are. And today, as it is now June (wow, time flies), I'm going to do an update to see whether or not I'm achieving my resolutions.

Be More Productive - I set myself this goal every year! Productivity leads to a positive mental state. Unfortunately, I was not born with a productive gene and, instead, I inherited the "let's-laze-around-and-do-nothing-with-my-day-and-then-feel-crap-about-it-the-next-day" gene, which my parents also have. However, I wanted to break out of this habit of waking up, watching TV, going on YouTube for 8 hours, and then going to sleep. What kind of a day is that?! I spent so many Summers depressed and lonely because all I ever did was go on the internet and do nothing with my life. Therefore, I always set myself the goal to be productive. And to be honest with you guys, it's very difficult! But waking up and immediately doing things and just being busy all day, that makes me really happy. I can't stand being in the house all day doing nothing, it makes me so negative. Therefore, I am achieving my goal of being more productive and I am a lot happier because of it. 

Take More Opportunities - Now, this is a difficult resolution for me. I am a very shy person and, having Asperger's Syndrome, I am extremely awkward in social situations. So this resolution is very hard as it means having to come out of my comfort zone and drastically gaining confidence. But it's a risk I'm willing to take. So far this year, I have taken so many opportunities, even if they're just tiny ones! For instance, I signed up with my Psychology peer mentoring scheme at college. I have approached people I wouldn't normal approach and have a conversation with them. And in just a few weeks, I am going to Summer School which will be a life-changing experience for me, but I am so so TERRIFIED. Taking opportunities is one of the most difficult things a small, timid, Aspergic girl like me can do. But it makes me extremely proud of myself and gives me the motivation to become a better person. Therefore, I am achieving my goal of taking more opportunities, despite being terrified at doing so. 

Spread Positivity - I used to be an extremely negative person. Yes, I did go through a depressed phase where all I did was self-harm, blah blah blah. That's a different story for a different blog post. But that part of my life was my most negative and my most upsetting year. These past two years, I have worked so hard to become a positive person. I have appreciated all the little things, like having a roof over my head, going for walks near my Library, playing with my dog, enjoying my education. I am now an extremely positive person, and I am so proud of myself for that, even if I do have my 'depressed' days at times. However, the new year's resolution isn't to "Be Positive", it's to "Spread Positivity". Therefore, I am trying my hardest to make others smile through compliments or helping them out. In my YouTube videos, I always display my positive attitude in the hopes that it will reflect off me and you will take parts of it too. Positivity is the best way to live your life. It makes you happier, more appreciative, and prouder. So, smile a bit, think about the good things in your life (family, pets, house, environment, education, friends, etc.) and spread positivity. That's what I'm doing.

Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything - This is actually my favourite quote ever. I've got it stuck to my bedroom wall, I've got it displayed on my laptop desktop. At any time, I try to remind myself of this quote. It speaks for itself. Don't expect an outcome from something. Whether that be expecting your boyfriend to buy you flowers, or expecting to get a gold trophy in a competition you entered. Appreciate when your boyfriend texts you "good morning", or appreciate when you get a bronze trophy instead. High expectations will get you nowhere. I'm not telling you to allow people to walk all over you and treat you like crap because you don't expect them to do any better. No way! What I am telling you is to not expect to be given the universe, but to appreciate when you are given a tiny portion of the world. Appreciating the little things leads to a happier life. I am speaking from experience. I am achieving this goal because this quote is always on my mind. It is the one quote that makes things easier to cope with, it results in less arguments with people, less negativity. Hopefully you guys can also expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Wowza, that was a lengthy post! If you managed to read the whole thing, I am virtually applauding you (*clap clap*). I hope this blog post managed to give you some advice on how to live a positive life. I am constantly finding new ways to be happy, and I will always share this journey with you. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, make sure to follow me on both my blog and YouTube to be updated when I post more stuff. I am so grateful that you are reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day. Now here is a picture of my three-legged tortoise to ensure this post isn't boring: 



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