Things I'm Loving This Summer

Hello everyone! I recently discovered this idea called the 'Summer Loving Tag' and I'm quite fond of the idea. Basically, in this blog post, I'm going to show you my favourite things about Summer; whether that be beauty products, music, books, etc. I hope this gets you in a Summer mood, whatever the weather is where you are.

Summer Lipstick

I've gone 'lipstick-crazy' this Summer! I've been trying so many lip products that I think I'm slightly obsessed. So, obviously, I can't narrow this category down to just one lipstick! Both of the lipsticks I have featured are by the same brand and are extremely affordable. 

The first lipstick is a Moisture Renew lipstick by Rimmel London in the shade 'To Nude or Not To Nude'. This lipstick is my favourite lipstick in the entire universe! It's so extremely moisturising, it lasts for a good amount of time, and it tastes pretty great too! Although a nude shade may not be associated with Summer, I do think the slight shimmer in this lipstick makes it perfect for the sunny weather as it gives your lips a natural shine. I just bloody love this lipstick!

The second lipstick is a Lasting Finish lipstick by, again, Rimmel London in the shade 'Pink Blush'. Although this lipstick isn't as moisturising as the previous lipstick, I have chosen this as a favourite Summer lipstick because of the shade! It's a gorgeous pink colour and just looks so lovely on the lips. I feel that a pink shade like this could suit anyone, as it's not too bright nor subtle.

Summer Nail Polish 

One reason why I adore Summer is because it's acceptable to wear insanely bright colours on your nails. Again, I couldn't narrow this category down to just one nail polish, so I hope you enjoy my array of bright, Summer-y colours.

Barry M is my favourite brand for nail polishes EVER. Therefore, of course I had to include a Barry M nail polish into my Summer favourites, duh. This one is actually my favourite nail polish that I own (and I own a lot.) This nail polish is a Gelly Hi-Shine in the shade 'Blueberry'. Just look at how gorgeous that shade is. Not only that, but it's incredible at staying on your nails and doesn't easily chip. I love you, Barry M.

Another favourite Summer nail polish is my Models Own in the shade 'Dinky Pinky'. I love the names of nail polishes. I'm currently wearing this bright pink on my toes and it's stayed there for two weeks with no chips! It's so insanely bright, but so insanely beautiful. This is by far my favourite pink shade in my collection. 

The next favourite Summer nail polish is by Avon in the shade 'Mandarin Magic'. I mostly love this nail polish because, not only is it the most gorgeous orange shade I've ever seen, it's shimmery too. This nail polish looks incredible on both fingers and toes, and shines golden in the light.

Summer Fashion
I have been loving far too many clothes this Summer. I'm actually banning myself from going into town because I always buy something. And let's be honest, I really don't need any more clothes. 

Anyway, one of my favourite Summer outfits is this beautiful dress from H&M. I bought this during my birthday trip to London and featured it in my haul (here). The pattern is beautiful and I love how the dress feels floaty at the bottom. It's the type of dress which would fly up if you were to spin around. This has been my favourite dress throughout summer, it's just gorgeous.

Another favourite Summer clothing item is this kimono which I purchased recently. The teal colour is perfect for Summer and this item feels so comfortable on. It's extremely flattering with simple crop tops and jeans, I just love wearing things like this.

Summer Drink
Okay, I'm not a huge drinker. Whether that be soft drinks or alcoholic, I rarely drink. Obviously, cocktails are perfect for Summer, but the most common thing I drink throughout Summer is water. You can't go wrong with a glass of water and ice cubes! Puurr-fect! 

Summer Song
Music has been so good this Summer that I'm a little overwhelmed by it. What music have I been loving? Too much! Basically, all music that is played on the radio has been great recently. One song which came out a few days ago which I'm SUPER impressed with is 'She's Kinda Hot' by 5 Seconds of Summer. 
Another song I've been loving is 'Up and Away' by Can't Stop Won't Stop.
I'm also in love with 'Let It Go' by James Bay, despite it not being a dancey catchy song like above, this song is super relaxing and I think it's a beautiful song.
However, one song which is super catchy and will make you want to dance this Summer is 'Waiting for Love' by Avicii. I freakin' love it.

Summer Accessory

Sunglasses! When I bought these sunglasses from Forever 21, I knew they were perfect for me. They're blue with a pink flower pattern and they're so different to your plain black or brown sunglasses. They're super girly and feminine, and I believe that they really suit me. I could be wrong, but I'm going to wear these sunglasses regardless.

Summer Perfume

One scent I've been loving this Summer is 'Paradise Island' by Next. It's very sweet and tropical, and it may seem a bit strong for some people. (For instance, this isn't my mother's favourite scent). However, I really like it and I was overjoyed when my brother's girlfriend bought it for my 18th birthday.

Summer Book
I'm such a bookworm, it's insane. When it's Summer and I'm going on holiday, I love to bring a holiday book with me. 

So far, I'm reading 'The Holiday Home' by Fern Britton. It's a lovely story about two sisters who go to Cornwall for holiday every year and there's so many plots in this book: love affairs, sister rivalry, problems between husband and wife. It's a relaxing book to read.

The book I read last Summer is 'A Cottage by the Sea' by Carole Matthews. This was my favourite book to read last year, it was so adorable and has similar themes to the previous book I mentioned. Again, it's based around some friends who go on holiday. I find books like these so calm and liberating, I will definitely need to look into more books by Carole Matthews.

What are you most excited to do this summer?

Summer is one of my favourite seasons. This year, I am excited for spending time with my boyfriend. It's a bit difficult to travel to each other and it is rather expensive, however I am going to do all I can to see him because when we both move to university in September we will officially be in a 'long-distance' relationship. (*cries*). So I am excited to spend days relaxing in the garden or going for walks with my boyfriend.
Another thing I'm most excited to do this Summer is... go on the world's biggest cruise ship to France! I'll be treated like luxury and get to visit Paris. This is the 4th cruise I will have ever been on, and each is better than the last. Also, since I'm a lot older now than the previous time I went, I'll be legally able to drink cocktails by the pool on board. I am so excited; expect a blog post about that!

So those are the things I've been loving this Summer! Hopefully this gave you inspiration on how to brighten up your Summer. I love Summer, it's such a positive time and I'm definitely milking it (love that phrase). I'll be back soon with another blog post, thank you for reading. I really appreciate it.



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