This summer, I have been spending a lot of quality time with my mother because we have been so close recently and it's one of the main things in my life that is making me smile. Today, she took me out for lunch at McDonald's and, although it's not exactly healthy for you, we couldn't resist stuffing our faces with McChicken burgers and salted chips. I did have a drink of water instead of coke to make up for it though...
After that, we did a quick little shop for some university essentials in the nearby shopping park, as I am going to uni in September. Eek! We ended up purchasing a laundry basket, kitchen scissors, kitchen tongs and some pasta.
We then went to the place I was most excited for all day. We went to a cute little cafe in a nearby town which I had been wanting to go to for AGES because I had been seeing so many people posting pictures of the deluxe hot chocolates on Instagram. Therefore, I followed the trend and took a picture of the deluxe hot chocolate from this cafe to post on to Instagram. And, let me tell you... it tasted even better than it looked!

I'm going to be having dreams about this hot chocolate now.



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