Mini Summer Haul

Today is actually starting to feel like summer. The sun is out, I've spent the majority of the day outside, and it's not a freezing cold temperature. Therefore, today I decided to show you the items I bought yesterday, but I have presented them in my garden to create a 'summer' vibe to this blog post. I hope you enjoy this haul, despite it being very tiny and extremely random.

During a drunken state last week, I unfortunately destroyed my umbrella by snapping it to the point where it no longer works. I cannot recall how or why this happened, all I remember is being very distraught as I bloody loved that umbrella! Therefore, yesterday I quickly popped into Primark with the only purpose of buying an umbrella. Their umbrellas were positioned just by the entrance to the shop and, for only £4.00, I purchased this navy blue one with light blue birds on it. I rather like it.

The next item I bought was this 'Dreamy Desserts' collection from Thornton's. Although Thornton's chocolates are usually quite pricey, there are definitely worth the money as they taste gorgeous. I was given this collection for Christmas and it was better than words can explain. Therefore, I purchased this collection for my brother's girlfriend as her birthday is coming up this month and I think every girl deserves some delicious chocolates. (I hope she's not reading this but even if she is, you've got some incredible chocolates to be excited for, Jess!)

When going into Clinton's with my boyfriend as he wanted to find some presents for his sister for getting a new job, I noticed these extremely affordable yet extremely delicious-smelling tealights. They had such a wide selection of scents that I was literally stood there for a solid 10 minutes sniffing them all. Eventually, I picked out 'Orange Sorbet' for myself and 'Velvet Rose' for my brother's girlfriend. My brother says I succeeded as she would really love this scent.

Next up is a Funko Pop Miniature keyring from Waterstones. I bought this as a birthday present for my best friend Will as his birthday is coming up this month too (again, I hope he's not reading this.) However, I am quite furious with Will as I rung him in the middle of the shop asking what his favourite Avenger was and he said Iron Man, but then changed his answer to Captain America after I'd already bought Iron Man! What should I do?

My final purchase was a bath bomb from Lush. I haven't used any products from Lush in months because I have been saving my money for priorities, such as university essentials or meals with my boyfriend. However, my boyfriend persuaded me that I deserve a treat for winning both of my scholarships, therefore I picked out 'Butterball' because it is one of my favourite scents. I am excited to use this as it's been far too long since I have used a Lush product.

The end of the shopping trip consisted of me purchasing a meal for myself and boyfriend; I had a Gourmet Chicken Burger with extra bacon and my boyfriend had a Pulled Pork and Rocket Wrap. I enjoy shopping for cute little gifts/essentials like these. Sometimes I even enjoy it more than clothes shopping (I cannot believe I just said that!).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Make sure to keep checking back for more as I'm going blog-crazy at the moment. Have a wonderful day and enjoy this summer sun before it's too late!



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