'One Night Stand' Handbag Essentials

Whether you're planning on staying at a stranger's house tonight, or have randomly decided to have a sleepover with your friend, here are the essentials that I suggest you take with you in a small handbag. I've tried to include the smallest amount of items that I can so that you can fit them all into your handbag.

*IMPORTANT: If you are planning on sleeping with a stranger tonight, please ensure you are on some form of birth control to prevent a tiny human coming out of you in 9 months time. Similarly, take condoms with you to prevent STIs from spreading as you may not 100% know the person you are sleeping with.*

Facial Cleansing Wipes & Deodorant
The first things I suggest you pack into your handbag are some Facial Cleansing Wipes and some Deodorant. These two items will help you to freshen up in the morning when you feel slightly fatigued and unhygienic. The facial cleansing wipes can be used to take off your makeup early in the morning if you didn't find time to do it in the evening. They will also wake you up a bit and make your face feel cleaner. The deodorant will stop you smelling bad in the morning and will also make you feel fresher if you haven't had a shower.

Limited Makeup

To make myself feel pretty in the morning after I've slept at someone's house, I apply a small amount of makeup. I recommend bringing as little as you can so that it fits into your handbag. The three products that I must use everyday are: concealer; mascara; and lipstick.

Spare Underwear
If you've had a one night stand, then spare underwear is essential to change into in the morning. You don't need spare clothing, as I'm sure you can wear last night's dress until you get home, but extra underwear is a must-have for feeling comfortable the next day.

If you currently smell like sweat, then the deoderant may not be enough to disguise the scent if you haven't had a shower. This is why a strong perfume may be needed. Or, if you just want to smell nice in the morning, then I still suggest taking a perfume or a spritz. Remember to take a small bottle with you, or even a sample perfume, to make it fit into your handbag.

Hairbrush & Hairtie
Depending on whose house you're staying at dictates whether or not they will have a hairbrush for you in the morning. It's better to be safe than sorry though, so I suggest taking a small hairbrush. There's nothing I hate more than tangled, messy hair in the morning, so the hairbrush can help you out and the hairtie can maintain the wild beast on your head.

Just because you should really take your purse with you wherever you go. I wouldn't suggest carrying a lot of cash on you if you're going to a place you've never been before, but your purse is always a good thing to have with you regardless. 

If I don't brush my teeth in the morning and evenings, then I feel terribly unhygienic. Your toothbrush won't take up much room in your handbag so I would highly recommend that you take it with you. However, you won't need to take toothpaste as I can guarantee that the person whose place you're staying at will have toothpaste. I mean, come on... who doesn't have toothpaste? 

And that is everything that I would take with me if I was expecting to have a one night stand, or if a friend called me up in the morning and asked me to stay tonight. I was inspired to write this blog post when my boyfriend randomly asked me to stay at his house last week and I had about 20 minutes to pack my handbag before I had to leave for the day. I didn't want to be carrying rucksacks filled with sleeping bags and spare clothes with me like how I used to at sleepovers when I was a child, therefore I thought this blog post could help a few of you out who have similar situations!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'll be back with another one when I've come back from holiday. See you soon!



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