The Body Shop Body Butters / Review

Whilst deciding which body lotion to use after my shower this morning, I realised that I have far too many products by The Body Shop. Not only do I have enough lip butters and shower gels to open up my own shop, the amount of body butters I own is a bit ridiculous. In this blog post, I am going to show you my current four favourite flavours, as well as review them for you.

I freakin' love body butters by The Body Shop. They make my skin feel so soft and moisturised for days after I've used the product. My favourite scents are Olive, Strawberry, Glazed Apple and Cocoa Butter (all shown in the images in this blog post).
I always purchase from The Body Shop because the products are so affordable that anyone will have the money to spend. Not only that, but they are actually insanely good quality. There is nothing unhealthy for your skin in these products, therefore keeping your skin in the best condition.

Another thing I love about these products is that they never seem to end! I've had the Olive flavour (the large green one) and the Cocoa Butter flavour (the small brown one) for almost a year and I've used them multiple times a week throughout that time. However, they still haven't ended. And it's not exactly like I use them sparingly... in fact, I think I use too much.

I think I will continue to purchase body butters by The Body Shop for my entire life. They are definitely my favourite products by this brand, alongside their shower gels. They keep my skin smelling and feeling great for a long length of time, and I think the packaging is so cute. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I feel like it's been a while since I last reviewed a product but I really enjoy doing them so I might continue to do them more often! Just so you know, this blog post isn't sponsored and all of these opinions are my own honest thoughts. I just really love these products.

I'll see you next time with a new blog post. Have a lovely day!



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