The Little Blue Shed (Fashion & DIY)

The other day, my mother and I decided to paint our garden shed to make it more girly and more our style. Therefore, in this blog post, I am going to show you how we accomplished our task of giving this garden shed a makeover and what I wore during this DIY painting.

When you're painting anything, you don't really want to be wearing anything that you actually care about, yet you still want to be stylish. Therefore, I applied no makeup at all and simply tied my hair up into a messy ponytail. To make my ponytail messy and wavy, I slept with my hair in a simple three-section braid/plait (see left image above). Any braid will do for this step: fishtail, french, etc. It depends on how you want your waves to look in the morning. The next day, I took my hair out of the plait and my hair had this 'beach' wave effect (shown in the middle image above). Finally, I tied my hair into a ponytail at a high point on my head and left my fringe out. Ta-da, your messy DIY ponytail is complete!

In terms of my outfit for this painting activity, I definitely didn't want an outfit which I wanted to keep clean and spotless. Therefore, my number one top tip for this outfit would be: to wear clothes where you wouldn't care if they got splattered with paint! I consequently went for an old t-shirt which I sometimes sleep in and some cute shorts.

The t-shirt is from Primark and the shorts are from New Look, for any of those wondering.


Now onto the less feminine, more action part of the blog post! The shed we had recently bought had already been painted with a base-coat to prevent the paint peeling, so make sure you look into that before painting your shed.

B&Q was the shop my mother and I visited to pick up everything we needed to paint the shed. All we needed were three things: paint; paintbrushes; trays for the paint to go in. The paintbrushes we picked out were these large ones which were big enough for us to paint the shed quickly. However, they wouldn't fit in the paint bucket, which is why the trays were needed. You can use any trays for this; we used some plastic ones. 

After much a debate, the shade we picked out for the shed was this pastel blue colour called "Coastal Mist" by Cuprinol.

This is such a beautiful shade! We painted the shed on a hot day, making sure each coat had at least 2 hours to dry before we applied the next coat. In total, we only painted two coats on the shed to get our desired shade and used two buckets of paint. I am really pleased with the outcome, as the shed looks so cute now!

I hope you enjoyed this completely random blog post. Make sure to leave me requests of anything you'd like to see me post in the future, and make sure to follow me on Bloglovin to be notified when I upload a new blog post. Have a wonderful day!



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