Travelling to Belgium & France

Recently, I travelled to Bruges (Belgium) and Le Havre (France) on the world's biggest cruise ship (Anthem of the Seas). My family and I used to go on cruise ships every year to travel to different places but we haven't been in ~6 years. However, this year we all decided to go on a ship again to Belgium and France. It was so lovely to spend quality time with my mother, brother, auntie and cousin again.

The day before we boarded the ship, my mother, auntie, brother and I decided to visit Stonehenge as none of us had ever been before. Stonehenge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in England and I have wanted to go ever since I was a little girl. I still can't comprehend the fact that I've actually been to Stonehenge.

My beautiful mother at Stonehenge

The actual cruise itself was amazing. I felt like royalty throughout the duration of it, walking through the promenade which had cafes and shops, eating in restaurants which had marble walls and ice figures. It was all insanely luxuorious. One of my favourite memories of the trip was going in the hot tub with my brother... at midnight... in the middle of the sea... in thunder and lightning. Another one of my favourite memories was going in the pod which took us over 300ft above sea level. Here is a view of France from the pod:

The view of the cruise ship under the pod
My final favourite memory of the trip was visiting Bruges in Belgium. I am overwhelmed at how beautiful Belgium is. Everything just looks so bright and happy. I would love to live there in the future if it wasn't so expensive. It is honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. Here are a few pictures from my visit to Bruges:

The amount of horses I saw walking through the streets of Bruges was ridiculous!

Bruges also has a ridiculous amount of rivers too!
My brother looking very handsome
My beautiful mother and auntie
My brother, my cousin, and myself
I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I will try to upload more frequently in the future as I have loads of cool blog ideas, however I hope you can be patient with me. In 10 days I am moving to university, then I have a full week of going to parties and learning to settle in, and then I start my studies. I'll keep you updated on this whole university adventure but please don't be irritated with me if I don't upload as often whilst I'm settling in.

Speak to you guys soon! xx



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