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Next week, I will be relaxing on a beach in a hot country for a holiday with my friends. I am beyond excited as it’s been SO LONG since I have been abroad, and this is my first holiday I will have ever been on without my family. Exciting!
As I checked the weather forecast for next week, I realised that I would be spending the majority of my time on a beach as the weather is predicted to be BEAUTIFUL. Therefore, I am creating this blog post as a reminder to myself on what to bring with me on these beach days and as a help guide for other people who are clueless as to what to take with them too.

The excitement of bikini shopping is unreal. The bikini featured in the picture is from Topshop and is so beautiful! Although I know a lot of people feel self conscious in bikinis, an alternative to revealing so much skin is to put on a bikini top, wear some shorts, and throw on a cardigan or a beach cover-up. That way, you still look ready for a beach day, but aren’t showing as much skin. This will also prevent burns too – so maybe feeling self-conscious in a bikini isn’t totally a bad thing.


Essential if you want to take care of your eye sight. The sunglasses featured in the picture are from Forever 21 and the flower pattern makes them so adorable!

Sun Lotion

I even have a Cancer Research sticker on this Nivea sun cream to remind me as to why this is one of the most important things to use when out in the sun.

Beach Towel

This is just always useful to have – especially one with a cute print on it.


These are from Deichman and they looked really lovely on my feet; I can’t wait to wear them.


I can’t go anywhere without makeup on. However, in a hot country, I may go a bit sparingly on the makeup as I don’t want to feel like it’s all melting off my face in the sun. A small makeup bag like this Zoella Beauty one has just enough room for concealer, powder, mascara and lipstick – the only things I will need to touch up in the heat.

Hair Supplies

To make your hair feel refreshed in the sun.


Or a spritz or a mist. Anything to make you smell nice, even deodorant. You are guaranteed to sweat in the sun and I hate the smell of BO, therefore I try to prevent it as much as I can through spraying myself with as many nice things as I can. The perfume pictured is Paradise Island by Next and it smells like the perfect summer scent.

I hope this blog post helped you and thank you for reading it; I hope you enjoyed it. I will be back after my holiday with lots more posts. As always, leave a comment if you want me to write about anything – I am always open for requests. Have a wonderful day!



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