Zoella Beauty 'Sweet Inspirations' / First Impressions

I took a trip into Superdrug today and found the new Zoella Beauty ‘Sweet Inspirations’ range and, obviously, I had to purchase some stuff. I was so excited to see it on the shelves as it’s not actually supposed to be released in stores until 6th June. Because of this, not all products were stocked up therefore I could only purchase the Sugar Dip Bath Salts and the Fragranced Body Mist. Before I do a full review on these products, I want to purchase even more when they are actually released in shops. Therefore, today I am going to do a first impressions to let you know what my immediate thoughts on the products are. Please note, this is NOT a review and I have not used the products yet, but please expect me to write a full review on each product from the range relatively soon. :)

Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules
The first thing I think when I see this product is how aesthetically pleasing it looks. The overall design of this product is amazing and is different to other Zoella Beauty products. I love how it is in the shape of a triangle as bath products rarely come in this form. To get to the bath salts, you take the pink part of the triangle off and the bath salts are in an adorable little packet in the bottom of the triangle. I think this is a really cool idea and adds a lot of fun to the product. The packet that the salts come in is adorable and I love the new colour scheme of the Sweet Inspirations range. The smell of them is very sweet, as it is meant to represent a macaron but I really like it because it feels super girly and pamper-y (is that even a word?). I am extremely excited to use this product and will write a full review on the actual product when I have used it. The bath salts were £6, which is not a bad price at all.

Sweet Inspirations Fragranced Body Mist
Zoella’s body mists are her bestsellers, and I can definitely see why. The packaging is adorable and will look so cute on my bedside table with my other perfumes/body mists. You can’t deny that Zoella’s new range has a really adorable vibe to it and I love the pop of gold on each product. The glass bottle makes the product feel really sophisticated, but the insanely sweet smell of the mist adds femininity. My boyfriend thought that this scent was too ‘sickly sweet’ for him, but he is not a fan of sweet smells anyway. I do have to admit that I won’t be in the mood for this smell every day, but it is definitely a lovely smell and I can’t wait to wear it often. I sprayed this product on myself about an hour ago and I can still smell it now (which is great!) so I will write a full review on this product soon. The fragranced body mist was £8, which is standard price for Zoella’s body mists.

Overall, this new range is so adorable and I love the design of each product. I am so excited to purchase the other products when they come out in stores, and I will review the majority of them. As always with Zoella’s products, these look so adorable on the side of your bath or bedside table, and I can’t wait to use them more often!

Thank you for reading, please check back soon to see when I upload a full review on the actual products and I hope you enjoyed my first impressions of the new range. Have a wonderful day!



  1. Whoa whoa whoa I didn't know Zoella made these products! Now I really want to try them!!! :O
    -Jenna <3
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    1. You should definitely try them out, they're actually really good! :)


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