Lush Gifts (Spring-Summer) / Review

I'm not gonna lie, I rarely use Lush products in Spring and Summer. To me, Lush products thrive in cold seasons and are the perfect way to feel cosy during Winter nights. However, this year I have been surprisingly impressed with the products Lush have brought out for the hotter months of the year.

For my birthday in May, I received a Lush gift box from my brother. Firstly, can we talk about how adorable the packaging looks? Lush are really talented in making their products aesthetically pleasing. I was super excited to try the products in this gift box (Honey Bee bath bomb and Rose Jam bubbleroon) as they looked perfect for Summer.

The first product is the Honey Bee bath bomb. Bath bombs from Lush are my favourite products. When I smelt this product, I immediately fell in love. I honestly think that this has to be one of my favourite scents I've ever smelt from Lush. I was so impressed by it. It's super sweet and the honey smell is delicious. I will be repurchasing this bath bomb purely for the scent. However, the bath bomb did leave my bath a stained yellow colour (looking like I had urinated in my bath), but I think the yellow colour of the bath bomb definitely suits the Spring-Summer vibe Lush was going for. Overall, I was immensely impressed with this product - especially the scent!

The next product is the Rose Jam bubbleroon. The only time I had previously smelt this was when I purchased the Rose Jam shower jel for a friend at Christmas. I had loved the scent so much that I was actually considering keeping the shower jel for myself (don't tell my friend I said that). However, I was extremely impressed with the bubbles that this 'bubbleroon' created. The scent of this product is a gorgeous sweet rose scent and reminds me of the perfect Spring garden. I also loved the design of the product; it resembles a rose macaron with a shimmer on top. I had the most relaxing bath with this product and will definitely purchase it in the future.

Using these products has made me so excited to see what Lush bring out for Christmas so I can have even more cosy, relaxing baths. Overall, I was impressed with this Lush gift box and think it is the perfect present for someone who has a birthday in Spring or Summer - it will definitely get them in the mood for the hotter seasons!

Thank you for reading this blog post, make sure to comment your feedback and I'll be back soon with another post. Have a wonderful day.



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