My Trip To Malaga!

In order to celebrate completing our first year of university, myself and two friends decided to go on a relaxing holiday to Malaga in Spain. I hadn't been on a holiday abroad in about 8 years, and I had never been on a relaxing holiday where I literally laid in the sun and did nothing all day every day - it was the best! 
We stayed in a hotel in Torremolinos, which was close to the beach and also had an amazing pool outside our room. We had a cute little balcony and the hotel room itself was amazing! As we were all inclusive guests, all of our food and drinks were free (hence the reason why I was drunk and fat the majority of the time).
I am already missing my trip to Malaga and would love to go back, especially with my friends again. I had such an amazing time with them and it was the perfect way to celebrate the end of university.

 What holidays are you going on this year or have already been on?



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