A Countryside Getaway

I think it's important to take a break from your average life every once in a while. Sometimes, you get so caught up in the stresses of your daily life that you forget to love the environment around you. Last weekend, my family took a four day break to Hartlepool so that we could drive around the countryside and remind ourselves of why we love living in England so much. For the entire trip, all I could think about was how beautiful the countryside is and how much history England has.

So far, I've spent my summer waking up, watching YouTube videos in my room all day, and then going to sleep. That may sound like the easiest life ever, but I'm bored of it and it started to stress me out. I want to be active, I want to wake up and do stuff, and I want more experiences. That's why this trip was definitely what I needed. By 10am each day, we were ready to explore for the entire day and wouldn't come back until 5pm. This is the type of lifestyle I hope to have more of in the future, as it felt so good to be busy for the entire day, especially when it involves walking around the countryside.

I won't go through each place we went to in detail, however I will insert a crazy amount of pictures of the beautiful places we went to. It's always nice to appreciate your country a bit more.

Bolton Castle

Raby Castle

Part of Binchester Roman Fort - this place is 2000 years old!

View from the top of Middleham Castle

My favourite place to visit on this trip was the High Force Waterfalls. Anything to do with water is where I'm most happy. If there's a stream running through a village, I instantly love this village. The main reason why I considered going to my current university is because the city is on the coastline, meaning it has the most beautiful beach. If I'm ever feeling down, I will go to that beach and I will instantly feel better. Going to the High Force Waterfall with my family made me feel so happy and refreshed. I forgot about anything stressful in my life and had the most amazing time.

I had a lovely time on this trip and will definitely take more weekend breaks in the future when life gets a little tough. What trips have you been on recently?



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