Removing Negative People

There are only two people in this world that I can genuinely say that I hate. Hate is such a strong word for me, and I try not to use it in many situations, but when I think about these two people it makes my blood boil, they instantly ruin my day and I feel miserable.
However, I have finally managed to remove one of these people from my life, and I cannot even explain how free I feel now.

This person had been my 'friend' for a very long time. My mum had always told me that this person was a bad influence on me, but I was too blind to see why back then. Being a strange little girl with Asperger's Syndrome, making friends was difficult for me so when I actually got a friend, I never wanted them to leave. Even if they were the worst thing to ever happen to me.

This 'friend' had abused me both verbally and physically, they manipulated me, they made me cry, they forced me into activities that I didn't want to do. I went through a very depressing stage about 5 years ago where all I did was cry and inflict harm onto myself, and that was highly influenced by this person.
Every time they asked me to hang out with them, I was miserable because I knew that I would come back home afterwards in tears. 

One time, my boyfriend even told me that he didn't want to hear me say this person's name ever again because it made me so negative and I had complained about this person to him for the past 3 years and he was bored of it. I thought he was being unfair at the time, but now I understand why this situation was negative for him too.

Yesterday, I finally removed this person from my life after they sent me such a horrible message. I explained the situation to them in a respectful way in which I said that I wasn't enjoying our friendship anymore and I wanted to move on.

I was very proud of myself for writing that message to them, because despite how much hatred I had towards this person, I ended the friendship in a respectful way.

However, they replied with an abusive message telling me that I was a terrible person and they've pretty much hated me ever since we were kids.

This person clearly has a twisted mind if they can reply with an abusive message when I was so respectful towards them. 

But do you know what the good thing about this situation is?


I am finally moving on with my life, I can finally be happy. I am about to go into my second year at university, and in my life I am going to achieve so much success. Whereas, that negative person will stay at home with no qualifications, no job, living with their parents until they are about 40, and will never find true happiness due to their terrible personality and lack of ambition.

I am proud of myself for dealing with this situation, and I advise you to do the same if you have a negative person in your life. Put your happiness first! I've wasted all but 3 years of my life crying because of this person, and it's not worth it. If I could restart my life, I would have ended this negative friendship before it barely started. 

I may not have many friends now, but at least the ones I do have positively affect my life.

I'd rather be alone than live my life with negative people.

Now that I've removed one negative person from my life, it's time to remove the next one.

Thank you for reading this post. From now on, I will never mention this person again and I will never shed any more tears on them. I'm going to move on, live my life and be happy.



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