Random/Beauty/Fashion Haul!

There's nothing I love more than spending money on unnecessary items that bring small amounts of joy into my life. Over the weekend, I went on a shopping trip to York with my mum (I haven't seen her in SO LONG so this was quite an emotional trip for me!). I have decided to show you some of the things I bought throughout this trip, because why not?! Let's get to it...

A few days ago, I noticed that I had lost my Laura Ashley compact mirror for my handbag. This was tragic and I was SO UPSET about it, and knew I needed to get another handbag mirror as soon as possible. I purchased this adorable compact mirror from Pylone. The main reasons I love this are because a) it's my favourite shade of blue, b) it has Japanese cherry blossoms on it, and c) it closes so the mirror inside is protected. Although I love this mirror and can't wait to use it, I found out that my boyfriend stole my previous mirror, and he will be returning it to me when he next comes over in a few weeks. So now I have two mirrors. Oh well, this one is super cute so I don't mind!

I desperately needed makeup wipes, so I purchased these from Boots because they were inexpensive and they looked pretty good. They're Boots' own brand and I haven't heard of many people using these, but I thought I'd give them a go and see if they're any good. If you'd like me to report back with a review so you can consider purchasing these, then please let me know.

I am super excited about this purchase because I have never used an O.P.I nail polish before - and they are raved about so much! This is honestly the most gorgeous shade of pink I have ever seen in a nail varnish, and both myself and my mum bought one because it was too beautiful to leave there! This is the shade "Got a Date To-Knight!". I purchased this from TK Maxx because they sell really good products for cheap products purely because it's last season's stuff! I am so excited to paint my nails with this once I've written this blog post.

I was in need of a mascara so I purchased the Rimmel Super Curler Mascara from TK Maxx. Although I was super excited to try this product, I used it this morning and wasn't overly impressed. I mean, it worked well and it was okay, but it's nothing compared to my Maybelline one. However, I got this for £8 CHEAPER than my previous Maybelline mascara so perhaps it's worth using this one instead!

This wasn't actually a purchase, this was a gift from my mum, but I thought I'd mention it anyway because everyone needs to know about these! If you can eat chocolate/if you like chocolate, PLEASE purchase some of these. You won't regret it.

My final and favourite purchase from the day is this beautiful dress that I bought in Browns by the brand Apricot. Although this dress is too large for me (it's a size 8), it fits me beautifully and I think it looks lovely on me! I don't wear dresses often but this has completely inspired me to make an effort and wear dresses more. I'm so pleased with this purchase and think it's one of the most beautiful dresses I own.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul. Have you purchased anything recently? Also, how did you spend your weekend? Let me know in the comments.



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