April Favourites / 2017

I can't believe how quickly this year is going... it's already my birthday month! But it's also exam month, the month that I finish my second year of uni, and the month that will potentially be the most stressful for me in the entirety of 2017. 

The end of the month means it's time for my monthly favourites. I've loved SO MUCH this month and I'm extremely excited to show you!

Summer2.0 Stick For Lips and Cheeks 01 / KIKO

A new KIKO shop has recently opened in my city at university, but it's quite dangerous because I'm in there all the time. This is the first KIKO product I have ever tried and I was extremely impressed! I initially went in there to try a super cheap product (they have lipsticks for under £5) just to test out the brand, but my boyfriend convinced me to splurge on a more expensive lipstick. The Summer2.0 collection is LIMITED EDITION, so I decided to buy a lipstick. This shade is perfect for my skin tone and it looks lovely on me. It's a matte finish but doesn't dry your lips out, and it lasts pretty well throughout the day. The quality of the packaging is also incredible - it closes magnetically, meaning it is more likely to stay closed during travel. Overall, this definitely gave me a good impression of KIKO as a brand and I'm excited to try more things from them.

Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer / w7

I feel like a proper girl now that I've started using a primer before applying my makeup. Beforehand, I had NEVER primed before in my life. I didn't expect much from this as I picked it up from Boyes and it was extremely cheap. However, this product amazed me immensely. It works so flippin' well! My makeup applies easier and looks better on my face. But the main reason that I love this product is because of how long my makeup lasts for now. Usually my makeup would become oily and greasy shortly after lunchtime, however this primer has completely stopped this issue. My makeup looks amazing all day and I never have to top it up. I'm so happy I found this cheap little primer and I hope they never discontinue it!

Smoky Poppy Range / The Body Shop

The Body Shop has always been one of my favourite brands. Their products are affordable, amazing quality, and smell fantastic. This range was no exception. The smell of the Smoky Poppy range is slightly musky and sophisticated in a feminine way. I have the shower gel and the body butter, and both are amazing quality. The smell lingers for ages when you apply it, and the body butter dries super quickly. I also love the fact that the shower gel is black, it's so cool! I will always love The Body Shop and this range is one of my favourites right now.

Ruffle Sweater Multi Stripe / Next

A HUGE Next has opened up in my home city, and I instantly knew as soon as I walked in that I would spend a ridiculous amount of money in there. I had been eyeing up this top for weeks; my mum and I would always point it out when we were window shopping. However, when I saw it again in the new Next, I decided I would just buy it! I clearly loved it and I had been wanting it for ages, so I treated myself and finally bought it. I absolutely love it, it's so flattering on me. The colours and ruffles make me feel so happy wearing it, and it's also made out of the most comfortable linen material. I'm so happy I finally purchased it.

13 Reasons Why / Netflix

I know that you're probably sick of hearing about this Netflix series now; it's all over social media! So I won't talk too much about this programme. However, if you haven't watched it and you have access to Netflix - PLEASE WATCH IT. It's so informative about issues we need to be informed about, but it does it in a super relatable way as the main people watching this series are quite young adults. It tackles really uncomfortable, difficult life issues. I didn't expect it to be quite so graphic and dark, but I was glad it showed the exact process of each issue because it allows us to understand it more. The final two episodes got me quite emotional and it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable to watch (you'll know exactly what I mean if you've seen it), but the acting was incredible. Overall, I would recommend this Netflix series to everyone. It's difficult to explain what it's about because there's so much going on, so you'll just have to research it for yourself!

MasterChef / BBC One

I cannot express my love for MasterChef right now. I'm obsessed. Why the hell would people prefer The Great British Bake Off when you can have Masterchef?? Masterchef is so tense and competitive - I love it! The crazy cooking techniques on the show are overwhelming. If you like cooking competitions, or fun TV to watch, I'd highly recommend MasterChef!

One Night With My Ex / Channel 5

Another amazing TV show that's on right now. I didn't think I'd like this programme at first - I thought it'd be like TOWIE or Geordie Shore (I HATE THESE PROGRAMMES SO MUCH), but this one is nothing like that at all! It's about people who have to spend the night in an apartment with their ex to try to resolve things or find out what happened between them. It's so juicy and I was instantly hooked from the first few seconds.

Bruno Mars / 24K Magic

Of course I have to include Bruno Mars in my Favourites because... I'M SEEING HIM LIVE ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Bruno Mars is one of my all-time favourite performers; his shows are so entertaining! I've been playing Bruno's new album on repeat whenever I get some free time (it's playing right now as I write this) and I'm obsessed with it. I like every song. My favourites are: Chunky, Versace On The Floor, and Too Good To Say Goodbye.

I hope you enjoyed this Favourites post! I apologise for not uploading often - uni is taking over my life. Anyway, I hope you have an amazing week and I'll be back soon (hopefully).



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