New Year's Resolutions / 6 Month Progress (2017)

At the beginning of each year, I like to do a New Year's Resolutions post where I talk about my goals for the year and what I would like to achieve (you can view the 2017 post here). Now that half of the year has already passed ~which I still can't quite believe~ I have decided to reflect on the resolutions I set myself at the beginning of the year to see if I've made any progress and if I'm close to achieving my goals.

-Take More Opportunities-
I have definitely achieved this goal and feel as though I don't need to make this a New Year's Resolution for any more years! Yay! My goal to taking opportunities started when I applied to travel to Asia to look after elephants in a conservation camp and teach English to children in a small village. This was waaaaay out of my comfort zone and is completely unlike me! I have also taken opportunities by doing more volunteering alongside my university degree. Overall, I've become more independent and have made more adventurous life choices; I've taken almost every opportunity to make my life as exciting as it can be. Therefore, I have achieved this goal and I'm confident that I'll be able to continue with this!

-Focus On My Health-
Ahh, one goal that I actually really struggle with. When I'm at uni, I'm so lazy that I can never be bothered to cook a proper healthy meal. Ready meals and oven-baked pizzas are pretty much the only things in my diet. This is a goal that I will definitely aim to focus on when I move back to uni, because my unhealthy diet has caused a lot of stomach problems for me and I'm definitely not that healthy! In terms of exercise, I've actually done really well with this so far and I'm super proud of myself. I started weightlifting and got my flatmate ~who's training to be a Personal Trainer~ to write me a fitness plan. I'm proud of myself for this and hope I can keep it up!

I have no idea why I struggle with this goal so much. I find it difficult to relax ALL THE TIME. Even when I'm at home, chilling out all day, I still find it difficult to completely 100% relax. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm constantly working on ways to relax my body and mind. So although I haven't achieved this goal much so far this year, I'm confident in the fact that I will eventually one day be able to fully relax.

-Remain Organised-
This is a goal that I've been really proud of myself for. Second year of uni has probably been my most organised year of my life! I got my life on track, made more to-do lists, prioritised important tasks. I created a clean desk space where I could be motivated to do things I didn't want to do but needed to do. Overall, I'm impressed that I've achieved this goal and I hope I can continue being organised in my final year of uni as this is my most important year yet and I don't want to screw it up!

-Respect Myself-
I used to struggle with this goal A LOT. When I was a teenager, I found it really difficult to enjoy being myself when everyone around me seemed better. However, now that I've grown up, I've realised my worth and actually really enjoy being me. My personality and appearance have changed in incredible ways, and there's rarely things about me that I don't like now. I completely respect and love myself, and when I was younger I never thought I would achieve this goal so I'm extremely proud to say that I have :)

Overall, I'm making good progress with my goals. Although there's some major things I could work on, I'm determined to achieve these by the end of the year. I've still got 6 months to improve myself, and I believe that I can do it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post; I hope you enjoyed it! What were your New Year's Resolutions, and do you think you've achieved them yet? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to read about your goals and how you can improve on them!



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