Favourite Summer Memories / 2017

Now that summer has unfortunately come to an end, it's time to reminisce on the amazing experiences I had! Summer 2017 was definitely one of the best summers I've ever had and it's put me in an amazing mood to start my third year at university now! Here are some of the reasons why last summer put a huge smile on my face:

Family Trip to The Lake District
Exploring the UK is one of my favourite things to do, so this trip to the Lake District with my family was exactly what I needed. I saw some beautiful views, I felt extremely British, I re-discovered my love for Peter Rabbit, and all my stress and worries disappeared. This trip was fantastic. 

Meeting Asian Elephants in Laos
Don't even get me started talking about this trip. I could be here for hours explaining how life-changing this was. If you want to hear a bit more about it, I have a blog post (click here) about my experience. For now, I'll leave you with an adorable picture of the friendly elephants I met.

Zip-Lining Through the Mountains in Laos
I was so proud of myself for doing this even though I was so terrified! I had never zip-lined before, however I absolutely loved it. The views were too beautiful to even describe, and the feeling of being pushed off a tree and 'flying' through the mountains was perfect.

Family Holiday in Malta
This family holiday in Malta was incredible! We usually never go abroad on holidays, so this trip was extremely special. We all had the best time and it's a trip that always makes me smile whenever I think about it.

Visiting Hypogeum Temples in Malta
This experience was super special because the Sal-Haflieni Hypogeum temples are approximately 5000 years old. We had to book tickets 6 months in advance in order to see them, so I'm so happy I did! I felt so lucky as I was walking through the underground temples, as that was an experience that not many people get to do. (No pictures because security don't allow it, to preserve the temples). 

Birthday Meal with My Friends
I travelled back up north for a 20th birthday meal with my friends, and that made me extremely happy. I also spent my last night in my student house and officially moved out, so I felt a bit emotional on this trip! 

Got a Tattoo
I randomly decided one day to get a tattoo! This was such a spontaneous decision for me, but I am so happy with it. Every time I see my little tattoo on my hip, I get a burst of happiness because it's so perfect. I'm going to do a blog post on the meaning behind my tattoo so stay tuned for that.

The Script
My favourite band released a new album and I got to see them live (for the fourth time)! This was a fantastic evening with my mum; we strolled along the beach beforehand, had amazing food, and danced all night. 

Overall, this summer has been the best and has made me so happy. I feel like such a lucky person to have experiences like this, and I'm so excited to see what autumn brings.

What happy experiences did you have in summer? I'd love to know in the comments.



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