Things I'm Excited For This Autumn

As it is officially Autumn now, I've decided to celebrate the new season by exclaiming what I'm excited for! I feel like bloggers (or just people on social media in general) have been super excited for Autumn this year and it's been really hyped up - so I'm going to add to that! Here is a list of the things I'm most excited for this Autumn.

Bobble hats
Big winter coats (I've got my eye on a lovely parka from Primark at the moment)
Rimmel Lipstick in 'Drop of Sherry' - my favourite lipstick EVER and the perfect Autumnal shade
Hot chocolate
Costa Christmas Drinks
Sunderland Illuminations (a lights festival nearby where I live that occurs each Autumn)
Christmas Shopping - it's so easy to commute to Newcastle and York where I live; perfect for Christmas shopping!
Cosy cups of tea
Seeing Collabro live for the third time
Huge fluffy slippers
Browsing the Christmas sections of garden centres with my mum 
Fairy lights
Bed socks
Blankets (the ones from Primark are incredible right now)
Cable-knit jumpers
Anniversary with my boyfriend
Falling asleep easily
Being warm in a dressing gown
Gold eyeshadow
Burgundy nails
Bonfire Night
Reading before bed
Wearing my new raincoat more often
Warm shoes
Autumn and Winter themed blog posts
Christmas weekend away with my mum
Crunchy leaves
Feeling Festive

I know there were quite a few Christmas things in that list, and Christmas is in Winter, however the majority of the Christmas festivities and build-up happens in Autumn so it's completely acceptable!

I had the best Summer ever, and it's put me in such an incredible mood for Autumn. I'm feeling more like myself than I ever have done, and I'm completely content and happy with my life. I know for sure that this Autumn will be a wonderful part of my life.

What are you excited for this Autumn? Let me know in the comments below.



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