University Room Tour / 2017

This will probably be my final university room tour that I ever do (unless I do a postgraduate degree). How crazy is that?! One week ago I moved into my tiny little studio flat and, as this is the first time I've EVER lived on my own, I have decorated my space to make it cute and cosy and very me. I thought I'd give you a little insight into how my room looks, and maybe you can get some inspiration for your own room if you need it!

On my bedside table, I have a Polaroid picture frame (given to me by my friends for my birthday; but I still haven't completed filling it up!) and two trinket dishes to put jewellery on. The cactus trinket dish was another birthday present from my friends (I love these girls so much), and the heart dish was from a little shop in Malta. The heart coaster was from Next.

I've used standard glass jars to display my teabags and sugar; it just makes things look a little bit more organised whilst being on a budget.

My favourite thing on my desk is my hand-drawn picture from Laos. The frame is from Wilko, and I think the two succulents on either side make it look a little bit more pretty than it already was. I'm in love with my succulents, they're like my children!

On my desk I also have two books: How To Be Calm and How To Be Confident by Anna Barnes. I LOVE THESE BOOKS. They're so motivational and extremely aesthetically pleasing. If you ever see them in a shop, please take a look the images and illustrations in these books. They are beautiful.

My bed at uni is unfortunately not very appealing... the mattress is a bit flat and I can't seem to make my bed look cosy enough! To try to resolve this issue, I've added this adorable blanket from Primark. It's the perfect blanket for me; it's super soft and it's got Winnie the Pooh on it! What's not to love?

One pretty cool and unique thing about my uni flat is this big blue statement wall. It's really random but I love it!

Although my uni flat is a little plain at the moment as I'm still in the process of moving and settling in, I really like it and I think I'm going to enjoy living here for the next year.

If you have any ideas on how I can improve my room, then let me know in the comments! How have you decorated your bedroom?



  1. This is a lovely little space, I love how you've decorated it so far!

    Emily xo


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