How Much Is My Face Worth?

Happy Sunday! I have decided to do a slightly different type of blog post today. I'm basically going to talk about my everyday makeup items, how much they all cost and then end with how much money's worth of makeup I'm putting on my face each day! Let's get to it.

w7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer £3.99
This is the first and only primer I've ever had - and it's actually pretty good! It gives my skin the perfect base to apply makeup to, and it prevents my eye wrinkles from looking quite so prominent!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation £8.99
I love love LOVE this foundation. It's actually the only foundation I've ever used but I've never wanted to try different ones because this one is perfect for me. Although it's one of the cheapest drugstore foundations you can find, I do actually find it a little bit pricey for a broke student; but if you take a cheeky look in Savers or Bodycare, they sell this for £4.99!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £6.49
This concealer provides extremely good coverage and adds a nice glow to the areas where it's applied. I'm always using this to brighten up my extremely dull and plain-looking face.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara £6.99
I'm constantly trying new mascaras because mascara is one of my favourite makeup items and I really enjoy purchasing new ones to try. This mascara is fantastic, it makes my eyelashes really stand out (which is perfect for someone who has naturally short, stubby eyelashes like myself).

YBF Model's Prefer Yellow Neutralising Powder £15.99
Although this powder is difficult for UK residents to get because no-where sells it here, I love the YBF Model's Prefer range! This powder is really great, although I wish it wasn't quite so yellow because it makes my face look like I've been on a month-long sunny holiday. Although in the picture it is shown in a set palette, you can actually purchase the powder separately on eBay.

AVON Warm Cashmere Eye Shadow Duo £6.00
This is my all-time favourite eye shadow duo. They're always the ones I'm reaching for because they go with any lipstick, any outfit, and they always make my eyes look super pretty. I also want to take this opportunity to apologise for how dirty the palette looks in the picture - I definitely need to clean it after I've written this blog post!

YBF Model's Prefer Stages of Beauty Bronzing Powder £14.99
This bronzing powder is perfect for my skin tone. As it's not too pigmented, it can look really subtle on my cheeks and I can make it look exactly how I want it to look.

YBF Model's Prefer 2 in 1 Blush "Ravishing Rouge" £10.99
I promise this blog post ISN'T sponsored by YBF Model's Prefer - I just really love this brand and received a large amount of makeup from them on a cruise ship a good few years ago. These blusher colours are so pretty and also work really well with the bronzer when all blended together. They're a soft subtle pink; they make my cheeks look so lovely. Although I tend to blend the two colours together, you can definitely tell by the picture which shade I prefer the most!

AVON Illuminating Face Pearls £8.99
These are a recent purchase but I've been loving them so far! They're an alternative to a highlighter; they produce the slightest shimmer on your face but it looks extremely beautiful. I love these pearls so much and will definitely re-purchase once I've used them up.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick 'Nude in Private' £28
This lipstick shade is the most beautiful shade, and it suits me perfectly. The actual lipstick itself is a fantastic formula, it's super moisturising, and it tastes like fruit! This is definitely my go-to everyday lipstick, however I don't want to use it all up because it's so expensive! I'm currently on the lookout for a dupe.

Overall price of face: £111.42.
That's actually shocking! I can't believe how much money I'm spending on makeup - and my makeup items aren't even that expensive! However, I'd say that spending that much money on makeup is definitely worth it because I'm extremely happy with each product, and I personally believe that it's worth spending over £100 to make me feel better about myself and feel more beautiful.

Thanks for reading this post. Why don't you add up each makeup item you use daily and see how much your face is worth? Let me know in the comments if you spend as much as I do... or more!



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