September Favourites / 2017

Happy October! It's time for another Favourites blog post, which I haven't actually done since April (oops). September was a great month for me, and it's put me in a fantastic mood to start October. I hope you enjoy seeing what I've loved over September.

Avon True Nutra Effects Mattifying Day Cream

I bought this product in August because my previous moisturiser just wasn't doing the job for me. I was looking for something that would keep my skin moisturised but not add to my already-excessive oils. That's why this day cream was PERFECT for me! It makes my skin super soft and hydrated, but I've also noticed that my skin doesn't get as oily throughout the day. My makeup has lasted longer throughout the day, and I just know I'll be repurchasing this once I've finished. It's such an amazing price too; I'd highly recommend it if you have oily skin like me!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'To Nude or Not To Nude'

I've had this lipstick for SO LONG. We're talking like almost 5 years. But it's still extremely moisturising, has a fantastic formulation, and a perfect shade for my lips. It's a beautiful slightly darker alternative to a nude with a hint of shine. It's my go-to lipstick when I don't know what to wear, it's perfect for when I'm going out to events or when I'm just chilling at home. I'd go as far as to say it's the best lipstick I've ever purchased - and that's a bold statement. It stays on really well, I hardly ever reapply it, and the price is excellent! You can see how much I've loved it by how small it is now, I'm definitely in need of a repurchase.

Next Make Me Beautiful Eye Shadow Quad

I remember the exact day that my mum and I bought these eye shadows from Next over two years ago, and I've loved it ever since that day. They are the most gorgeous gold-orange shades I've ever see with a beautiful highlight shade too. Now that it's autumn, I'm going to be wearing these every day. They're extremely good quality, amazing price, last really well, and look lovely with my eye colour. I'm so impressed with these.

Watermelon Pencil Case and Notebook

I bought these from Tesco because I wanted a thin pencil case to fit into my uni bag and I wanted a dissertation notebook. These do the job perfectly! It took me ages to find a pencil case that was small and thin but good quality - and this watermelon one is exactly what I was looking for! The notebook is also a good size; not too big and not too small. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with these and they're perfect for uni.

Happy Thoughts Notebook

I received this as a birthday present from my mum and it's the most beautiful notebook ever! I use it for its stated purpose: to write my happy thoughts in. The print is gorgeous, it's extremely good quality, and reading through all my entries so far makes me really happy and always cheers me up. It was an excellent gift idea.

How to be Confident by Anna Barnes

Words cannot explain how much I love this book. I bought it because I needed some tips on how to be more confident for my new job position, and I lack confidence in general. However, the tips in this book have genuinely helped me out and offered some great advice. Not only that, but the illustrations in the book are CRAZILY BEAUTIFUL. Each page is like a piece of art you'd want to frame and put on your wall. If you see this book in a shop, please flick through the pages and admire the beautiful images. I also bought 'How to be Calm' and I guarantee that it will be in my next favourites, but this is the one that I've read so far. It's the most beautiful book I've ever seen.

Strictly Come Dancing

I mainly started watching Strictly for Aston Merrygold (my favourite member from JLS and the world's cutiest patootie). However, I'm actually really enjoying the programme! It clashes with X-Factor on Saturday's but I've actually been preferring it, which is crazy because I've always devoted my life to X-Factor. It makes me want to join dance classes, and I love the gorgeous dresses that the women get to wear! It's such a relaxing programme too, I'm so glad I started watching it.

Hello October

New favourite YouTuber alert! I've been watching HelloOctober on YouTube for over two years, however recently I've just been completely obsessed with her videos. They're extremely good quality, they're always so positive, and her personality is amazing. Plus, she's so beautiful too. I love any video she makes! She recently moved house so her interior design videos have been a favourite of mine recently. My only request is that she would include more of her new dog into her vlogs because I'm a sucker for a cute dog. I would recommend this YouTube channel to EVERYONE (also check out her Instagram too because her posts are so beautiful). 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What have your September favourites been? Let me know in the comments.



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