My Favourite Things about Summer 2018

I'm currently sat in my bedroom at almost 11pm writing this spontaneous blog post because I wanted to get my thoughts out of my mind and into another platform: the internet. I haven't blogged much this year (because life has been busy and I suck at time-management) but I aim to resolve this issue through writing what I want when I want. Such as today.

I don't think I've ever been as happy in my life as I am now. 2018 has been wonderful for me. I've had the happiest past few months, and this summer has been incredible. I thought I'd share what has made me happy this year so that perhaps these things can make you happy too; as these things are all easily accessible for everyone.

The UK has been blessed with a huge heatwave this year. I've loved every single second of it. I love sitting in my garden with a cold glass of elderflower cordial with my guinea pigs chomping on grass in their outside hutch and my dog sunbathing on the decking. I love wearing summer clothes and applying my cherry blossom body lotion every evening after a cool shower. I love applying minimal makeup and feeling fresh and free. I'm just loving this weather and wish every summer could be this lovely.

World Cup
I've never been a fan of football. But something about the World Cup enticed me and I became obsessed with it. I loved the feeling of excitement when we scored a goal, and I loved turning to Twitter following a match to read people's thoughts. I loved having a BBQ outside and watching the match. England did so well this year and I'm really happy I was able to witness the cheerful nation we became.

Love Island
This was my first year watching Love Island and I can't believe I hadn't watched it sooner! Although I don't agree with the purpose of the programme (it kinda destroys the true meaning of "love" to be honest), it's entertaining and I love how active Twitter becomes whenever it's on TV. I feel part of a virtual community when I watch it, and it's a really comforting feeling.

This was my first summer with a job. I was lucky enough to be offered a job in something I'm enjoying so much, and that's a privilege which unfortunately lots of other people don't have. Each day at work is exciting and I'm proud of myself for being able to achieve this. I love that feeling when your shift ends and you can go back home feeling productive, proud and relaxed. 

This was a weird blog post. I'm basically just really happy, but that's all down to my own perspective. I've always had these lovely things about my life, but I'd never appreciated them until this year. Time being ungrateful is time wasted. Yes, I have my 'down days'. But I blame hormones most of the time, because I have no reasons to be sad. I'm appreciating each second of each day because my life may not always be this care-free. I wish more of us realised how lucky we actually are instead of dwelling on negativity.

Apologies for preaching, but I needed to get my thoughts off my chest and spread some positivity. Normal posts will resume soon.



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