HUGE Summer Crop-Top Collection

I'm not sure what that bright yellow ball in the sky is, but it's warm and I LOVE IT. 

Summer in England is pretty naff to be honest. It's usually cloudy, breezy, cold or raining. However, recently the sun has made more of an appearance and it's definitely made me re-think my wardrobe choices. Therefore, today I'm showing you my entire crop-top collection, as this is what I typically tend to wear throughout summer!

My crop-top collection is HUGE so I'll leave you with the pictures of them now with a brief caption underneath of where I got them from. Enjoy!

Left: Topshop | Right: New Look

Left: Primark | Right: Hollister
Left: H&M | Right: Influence
Left: Primark | Right: Hollister

Left: Primark | Right: Miss Selfridge
Left: H&M | Right: Topshop

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found some outfits you liked. Let me know in the comments what you tend to wear during summer, I'd love some fashion inspo :)



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