Home-made Hot Chocolates!

There's nothing better than a good hot chocolate to relax yourself after a tough day of doing... absolutely nothing! I admit, my days don't tend to be too busy, but I do like to relax my nerves on the night time. A nice hot chocolate and some good shows to watch on TV (I recommend 'Friends') are the perfect remedy for relaxation which takes hardly any effort. 

I went through a phase where I was addicted to hot chocolates (okay, maybe I'm still going through that phase...) and I needed to have one every night otherwise I couldn't get to sleep! Just call me the Crazy Hot Chocolate Lady.

My boyfriend and I love making hot chocolates together on a lazy evening, although we do make quite a mess. Spilling milk, throwing chocolate sprinkles everywhere. One time we even set the kitchen on fire whilst trying to cook pancakes... That's how messy we are. Don't trust us with a kitchen to ourselves.

My favourite hot chocolate is by Options in the flavour Belgian Choc Butterscotch! Just pour in some hot water, cold milk, stir it up and then cover it in marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles! Ta-da, the perfect hot chocolate is ready to taste.

And yes, that is a guinea pig on my mug.



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