Autumn Fashion/Beauty Haul (£50 Budget)

Guess what? Yesterday I went shopping! And you know what that means? An autumnal haul to help you guys get ready for the cold weather that is soon to be upon us.

I'm generally very good at money saving, therefore I limited myself to a £50 budget to get some autumnal clothes to wear throughout September and October. My shopping trip was a success, as I got so many incredible clothes within this tiny budget.

I am so insanely excited for Autumn that I literally cannot contain it. The weather is so moody and terrible outside, and I'm currently sat with a hot chocolate waiting for my boyfriend to come over so we can put candles on and watch movies. I LOVE AUTUMN. Anyway, enough about this irrelevant paragraph, roll on the haul!

The first shop I went into is Primark. This shop is great for students, like myself, who don't want to spend an outrageous amount of money but want some clothes that's going to last them for a few months. I've even bought clothes from Primark that have lasted me over a year. I bought two vest tops to start off with because these are an essential for pretty much any girl. I like to laze around in camis like these and they are also great to put under jumpers or shirts for extra warmth. The grey top was £2.30 and the black top (which has lace straps by the way) was £2.50.

The next thing I purchased from Primark is this plain black blouse. This is my first blouse and, as I'm trying to create a more sophisticated look for when I start university, I decided that I needed one. I am currently on the search for a white blouse too. This black blouse is super soft and comfortable and came with a removable neck tie, which I don't really plan on using. This top was only £10.00, which I thought was an excellent price.

Next up, I went into Outfit and found this gorgeous cropped jumper from the Topshop section. This jumper is soooooo soft and comfortable and is slightly baggy, so it feels super casual. I think the cropped effect adds a subtle sexiness to the jumper and will also cool you down to ensure you don't get too hot in autumn. I have also noticed that this 'rusty' orange colour is really in trend at the moment. This colour is invading almost every shop I've been in, and I think it describes autumn perfectly. You just look at that colour and think "crunchy leaves, pumpkins, cinnamon candles, rainy days". This will definitely be something I get a lot of use out of during autumn. This cropped jumper was £10.00, which is very affordable for Topshop. I usually don't shop there as I find it very overpriced, however I thought this price was acceptable so I bought it!

New Look 
Okay, so I liked the cropped Topshop jumper so much that when I found another one in New Look, I immediately bought it. This one is slightly tighter but still has a baggy effect, and is this beautiful dark grey colour. This one is also extremely soft; I'm currently wearing it as I type this and I feel great. This jumper was £7.99. BARGAIN.

The final item I bought from New Look is this casual light grep top with black lining around the neck and sleeves. I bought this purely because it is SO INSANELY SOFT. This material is the softest I've ever felt on a t-shirt. I didn't originally consider buying this until my boyfriend forced it into my hand and said I'd look nice in it, and then I felt the material and I was sold. I needed it. This top was £8.99.


My final autumnal purchase was a Lush bath bomb. They've just brought out a new collection and it all looks amazing. The bath bomb I chose was The Experimenter because it smells like autumn. It reminds me of popping candy, cinnamon, cosiness. This was being sold for £3.95. I didn't take a picture of the bath bomb because I am saving it for when I do a review of this product next week, so keep an eye out for that on my blog. This bath bomb looks amazing and I really hope that you'll enjoy my review of it.

And thus, we have come to the end of my haul. I'm super pleased with everything I purchased and I hope that you'll take some of my tips and get some awesome autumn clothes, especially if you're on a budget. The total price for all of these things together is £45.73. That leaves enough money from your £50 budget to get a Costa hot chocolate and truly complete your autumn mood.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and make sure to check back for more.



  1. Awh loved this, how the hell do you give yourself a limit! We will need to go shopping together so you can help me budget at uni! Hahaha

    1. Thank you! It takes a lot of will power and control to set a budget when shopping haha! And definitely, I'm so excited for uni x


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