Taking Opportunities

Playing UV Table Tennis with my friends
One of my new year's resolutions was to 'take more opportunities'. I recently wrote a blog post about my 6 month progress in succeeding my resolutions (which you can read here) but I decided to write this particular blog post because I recently took one of the scariest opportunities of my life so far, and I'm insanely proud of myself.

It may not seem like much to you, but from the 29th of June to the 3rd of July, I went on a Summer School program. This basically means that I had to move away from home for a week and get a taste of what my university life would be like when I officially move in September. So I guess it's like a 'practise for uni' week.
I am such a shy, nervous, timid person. Moving out of my comfort zone is something which I never do. However, last week, I did it.

I have never ever lived without my parents before, nor have I ever lived in a place other than my house. I moved to a city I had never lived in before where I didn't know anybody, and I had one of the best times of my entire life.

Before Nandos with the girls

Looking back on my old self from two years ago, I never would've done this. I would've wanted to, but my anxieties and worries would've stopped me from doing it and then I would've felt crap about myself all summer for not doing it. But that didn't happen this time.

I am so insanely proud of myself for going to Summer School, being sociable, being confident and surviving on my own for a week! I can't believe it has happened, it went so quickly and I actually miss it. I made fantastic friends and memories which I'll never forget. 

The main message of this blog post is this: If an opportunity comes up but you are too scared to take it, take it! Take the opportunity. It may be terrifying and it may spark some anxiety, but you don't know what will come out of saying yes to opportunities. It may benefit you and give you one of the greatest times of your life. However, you do know what will come out of saying no to opportunities, and that is feeling disappointed in yourself for letting your panic get the better of you and your life won't change in a beneficial way.

Going to the Summer School BBQ with everyone

I wanted to take more opportunities to create positive memories, have amazing life experiences, meet incredible people and increase my happiness and self-worth. And that happened through myself doing something extremely terrifying for a week.

I feel great about myself now, and I'm even more motivated to keep taking more opportunities. I want all of you to feel this way too.



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