'The Little Big Things' - Henry Fraser / Book Review

We all take parts of our lives for granted. Do you think every single day about how grateful you are for the fact that you can breathe without assistance? Or the fact that most of us can use our arms and legs without even concentrating on it? Or how the majority of us have the ability to eat food properly? Well, after reading 'The Little Big Things' by Henry Fraser, I am constantly thinking about these small things in my life and how lucky I actually am.

This book is spoken from Fraser's perspective when he suffered from an injury on holiday which severed his spinal cord, and resulted in him being paralysed from the neck down. However, this book isn't about the tragedy that had a negative impact on his life. This book is about all the little things in his life which kept him strong and positive and happy despite his accident. 

Fraser speaks in such an inspiring way that this book already had an influence on my outlook to life even after only reading the first 40 pages! The entire book is filled with positivity and strength; things which a lot of us need to implement into our lives (myself included).

After reading each chapter of this book, I reflected on my own struggles in life, how I can overcome these, and I began to focus on the little things in my life. Such as, I have a supportive family, I have a loving boyfriend, I have a roof over my head, and I have the ability to walk out of my flat and go to university each day successfully. Yes, we all have problems in our lives. But if we focus on the little things in our lives which bring us happiness, then they will become the big things that keep us going.

I admired how Fraser gave the book a personal touch through adding some images of his journey, which really allowed me to visualise all the moments in the book which he talks about. I love when books do this, because it adds a personal and honest touch. He included pictures on how he paints with his mouth, which is such an admiring skill and one that Fraser should be extremely proud of himself for.

This is a truly inspiring book. It's one to read whenever you're feeling down or going through a tough time. It includes a perfect mixture of events which happened to Fraser, and advice which we can apply to ourselves. 

Overall, I would recommend this book to EVERYONE. It's extremely easy to read, and quite a short book so even those who don't enjoy reading would find this book interesting. Henry Fraser is an extremely influential person and I am so happy that I decided to read this book when I needed his advice the most.



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