Autumn/Winter Bedside Table Inspiration

Hello everyone! Apologies for not posting on my blog in a while, I've mainly been focusing on my YouTube at the moment (Click here to view my channel) but I didn't want to neglect my blog! I'll admit, I've had a bit of blogger's block at the moment. I just have NO idea what to write for you guys! However, today I was sitting in my bedroom, thinking about how cosy it was, and decided that everyone should feel this cosy in the cold Autumn months coming up. Therefore, here is my bedside table inspiration to make any room feel cosy. Ta-da!

I added my favourite perfumes to my table because I use them everyday and they look really pretty. If you have many perfumes, you could display them on a small perfume tray to add an exquisite feel to your room. The perfumes I am currently using are Adore - Next, Sparkle - Next, and Blissful Mistful - Zoella Beauty.

No cosy room is complete without candles! I have many candles, but the one that is lit as I type this is Key Lime Pie - Harper's Bizarre.

 Personalise your table with your own fun factor! (Lego = Awesome!)

This cross-stitch was made by my boyfriend for our one year anniversary (4th October 2014) and I'm in love with it. It's so beautiful and compliments my room nicely. I recommend something framed on your table to add ultimate cuteness (i.e. a painting or a photograph, etc).

An overall view of my bedside table. A lamp + perfume + something framed + candles = perfection.
I hope you like this blog post and hopefully it gave you some inspiration for a cosy bedside table! I can't wait to spend many nights drinking hot chocolates and reading my favourite book whilst my candle burns on my table. I'm looking forward to my room being this cosy throughout all the Autumn and Winter months. Let me know what your idea of cosy is!



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