New Hair, New Me.

There are times in your life when you just need a change. Change of place, change of style, change of life! Because my life is going to completely change come September when I move 3 hours away to university, I decided to change my appearance too. Therefore, I dyed my hair a different colour and started to change my makeup too. 
Recently, I have started to wear more lipsticks and winged eyeliner. Usually, I wouldn't apply eyeliner and would not wear lipstick, however I am so happy with the way my new everyday makeup looks on me! 
I have had red hair for almost two years now. I've dyed my hair so much that I'm surprised it's not dead. I've had it blue, pink, purple, brown, black, blonde and red! 
I've been going through a difficult time recently, which is why I have decided to change my hairstyle. That sounds so weird, but it has honestly helped me have a positive outlook on these issues! Although I love my red hair and I think it looks gorgeous, it's a part of my past now. I dyed my hair dark brown and cut it shorter to have a 'fresh start' with myself when I go to uni. I'm not gonna lie, it's very therapeutic doing this. I feel refreshed and ready to take on these crazy changes happening in my life!
Now that I've word-vomited all over your screen and rambled far too much, I'll show you some before and after pictures of my hair.



Which do you prefer: red or brown?



  1. You look beautiful with your new hair! One of the best out of the rainbow of colours you've had!

    Love You!!


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