It Finally Feels Like Autumn

When I'm at uni, I find it really hard to feel festive. I think it's because I never buy any fairy lights for my room, and don't have a couch here that I can cosy up on with a blanket and watch TV programmes - I don't even have a TV here! Plus, nothing beats my mum's cooking and the festive food she buys and how cosy my family living room is. I guess I just always feel homesick at this time of year.

However, last weekend, I finally felt festive and cosy!

My boyfriend came to visit me and we went to the Sunderland Illuminations, which is a festival of lights at the beach that Sunderland holds each year. It's the perfect time to wear a warm winter parka coat and a bobble hat - which is exactly what I did. It was the most perfect evening I've had in a long time and thinking about that evening makes me so happy.

The day after this perfect Autumnal evening, my boyfriend and I booked a hotel room in Newcastle because I was going to a 21st birthday meal, and we wanted to do something special for our 4 year anniversary. Just when I thought I couldn't have a night as perfect as the one before, I had yet again another amazing evening!! The meal with my friends was fantastic; we went to The Alchemist which do the most magical cocktails (literally - you have to try it out). 

Basically, I'm just writing this blog post because I had the most perfect weekend ever - and I've had a really difficult time recently at uni due to various health issues, therefore this weekend was EXACTLY what I needed. I feel so refreshed and fulfilled, and it was the perfect remedy for me.

I'm finally feeling festive and Autumnal, and it's making me much happier :)



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