Lush 'Sakura' (Bath Ballistic) / Review

"How to use: Drop into your bathwater and watch it fizz away."

This bath bomb is by far the most beautiful one I've used recently. The wide range of blue, pink and purple shades mixed into it make it feel really girly to use - perfect for a pamper evening! I actually just used this bath bomb about an hour ago and I couldn't wait to write up my review about it. SPOILER: I really liked this bath bomb!

This bath bomb is named Sakura which, to me, seems very Japanese-styled. The scent, again relating to the Japanese theme, smells of cherry blossom trees. Cherry blossoms are my absolute favourite trees/plants so when I saw this bath bomb in Lush, I ran over to it and immediately bought it. The scent has just the perfect amount of strength and is very floral and relaxing, definitely an essential for bath times in spring and summer months.

When dropped into the bath, Sakura let out a strong hot pink colour at first which eventually faded into a soft baby pink, however once the blue and purple colours exploded out of the bath bomb, my bath ended up in a really pretty lilac colour. However, this bath bomb seemed to fizz out really quickly compared to other bath bombs I've used in the past which lasted longer. However, it still had the same effect to my bath and this wasn't really an issue.

This bath bomb was very moisturizing to my skin; I have yet to find a bath bomb by Lush which doesn't moisturise my skin. This is one of the reasons why I keep going back to Lush, their products really do make a difference to your skin. The soft, delicate feeling of my skin when I got out of the bath was so lovely. The bath bomb also made my skin smell of cherry blossoms which I can still smell now as I'm typing this! 

Sakura was £3.25 which was a very good price considering the quality of this product is so high. I have to admit that the bath I had tonight was one of the most relaxing ones I've had in months and I feel like that is because of this bath bomb and its floral smell. I would definitely purchase this bath bomb again because I loved the smell and the colours!

To conclude with, I would recommend Sakura to anybody who loves really soft, floral scents like roses, lavender, cherry blossoms, etc. I would also recommend it to you if you're a girly-girl and you love beautiful colours and designs, or you're in good need of a pamper evening! However, if you prefer bath bombs with lots of wild colours exploding out of them which turn your water into crazy colours, then maybe this isn't the bath bomb for you as this particular bath bomb turns the bathwater a really faded lilac colour.

I hope you enjoyed this review, I really enjoy making them! Have a lovely day and I'll be back soon :)



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