Little Things Mean A Lot

As I sit here with a bunged up noise, a sore throat and a poorly tummy with the rain falling down heavily outside my window, I have decided to write this blog post to inject a little bit of happiness into my day. 
I consider myself to be a very happy and positive person. This time two years ago, however, I was depressed and lonely and severely disliked my life. So what has changed in these two years? Nothing, except for my perspective on my life.
It's all about the little things. Like the fact that my mother just made me one of my favourite dishes of garlic crispy chicken and sweet potatoes from Morrisons. Or the fact that this tiny lamp makes the room feel so cosy. Or the fact that my favourite songs are playing on iTunes whilst I'm writing this blog post. Or the fact that my boyfriend and I were sending each other animal emojis about half an hour ago. All these little things give me such happiness. But that's because I notice them, and I appreciate them.
I have a roof over my head. I have delicious food to eat daily. I have a TV where I can watch the soaps every evening. I have a laptop where I can write blog posts. I have a camera where I can film high quality YouTube videos. I have a loving boyfriend. I have the most amazing friends. I have an incredible life, because of all the little things.

"Expect nothing, appreciate everything". This is my favourite quote and I remember it every day. It has such an impact on my life.

I am going to share a small day which gave me such happiness that it makes me smile all the time, even now. Last Thursday, my mother, boyfriend and I took a trip to Scarborough to show my boyfriend our family tradition of visiting Scarborough Castle, taking a trip on the mini train, watching the Naval Warfare, and playing mini golf. This has been my favourite day of summer so far, I enjoyed every second of it. Here are some pictures of the day:
View of Scarborough from the castle
My boyfriend looking super smiley at the top of the castle
One of my favourite pictures of my mother and me. I love my mother lots and lots
My boyfriend and me on the mini train. I love this photo :)

Peasholm Park after the Naval Warefare
A picture that my boyfriend took of me. I quite like this because I love how red my hair is and I look truly, purely and genuinely happy here
I strongly urge you to think about what you have. Do you have family? Shelter? A way of reading this blog post? A functional body? Please don't take anything for granted. Your life is a lot better than you think, you just need to focus on the little things. It worked for a depressed girl like myself who is now the happiest I've ever been.



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